The promise of the governor of Kerman to set up a calligraphy museum of a polite master

Kerman – The governor of Kerman said: we will do our best to set up a museum of calligraphy of a polite master. According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the information base of the Kerman governorate, the governor of Kerman met with Professor Jamal al-Din Modab, a prominent calligrapher of our country, and visited his magnificent and valuable works, which are currently kept in his house due to the lack of a specific place and museum. During the visit, […]

Exhibition of “Calligraphy” in Azadi Tower

The exhibition of calligraphy by Ardeshir Ghiyasi will be held on Friday, November 5, at the Aseman Hall of Azadi Tower. According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the public relations of Azadi Tower, the “Ardeshir Ghiyasi” calligraphy exhibition will be open to those interested in the art of painting and calligraphy from Friday, November 5th, in the Aseman Hall of Azadi Tower. In this exhibition, 25 calligraphic paintings are improvised. Ardeshir Ghiyasi has been working in the field of […]

Knowledge of culture goes through the line of calligraphy / coexistence of calligraphy history with contemporary time

On the sidelines of the second “Silent Lines” event, Mohsen Soleimani said in an interview with Mehr about the hidden angles of the line and its relationship with different cultures: Calligraphy is a written language of cultures and has played a role in all cultural geographies; In other words, throughout history and different geographies, we have always faced the problem of calligraphy, and the historical and civilizational roots of all cultures are closely related to the issue of calligraphy. He […]

Iranian art that foreigners value more!

Calligraphy; Art is the first hand in which the artist creates harmony between letters and words with his creativity, which creates indescribable beauty. This Iranian Islamic art has many fans outside the borders of our country and the famous calligraphy works are sold at exorbitant prices, but why this art is not as popular as it should be and maybe among the Iranian youth, a question that ISNA has answered in Interviews with three artists active in the field have […]